New look, New goals! Bring it on, 2014!


Hi friends & fellow bloggers,

It’s been awhile, am I right?

Like many of you, I view the start of the new year as a time to start afresh. After the holidays (lots of food and little sleep) I am more than ready for this ‘reset’ button. Here were my four primary NY resolutions of 2014…

1. Get more sleep! Last year, though I put in tons of hours at the gym and yoga studio, but far too few sleeping in my bed. After reading some articles about the importance of sleep (it fights premature aging, helps mental clarity, helps reduce the number on the scale, etc.) I realized it was time to make an adjustment.

2. Finally kick artificial sweeteners–completely. So far, I’ve eliminated artificial sweeteners in everything except for coffee and tea at the office. In 2014, I’ll kick them completely.

3. Start saving money! A girl’s gotta start sometime…

4. Travel some. New York, anyone? Europe? Somewhere?!

5. Write daily, and blog weekly! Someone told me that, “write every day. Something will end up being great” \

6. Pray, reflect, journal each day.

Join me as I (attempt) to follow through with these resolutions!
Cheers to our 2014,