Rough Monday? Here’s some wisdom for your soul

Just Breathe

My Monday has been such a Monday!

A brief summary: I overslept and missed my 5:30 am running group. My car had troubles on the way into the office; it has since been towed to a local auto shop. I had a bit too much chocolate yesterday (can you relate!?) so my skin is feeling extra oily today…(and my oily skin reminds me of the chocolate I ate, which reminds me that I didn’t workout this morning, which makes me upset–so, consequently, I want to eat more chocolate… )

Oh boy.

I realize that at this point, I have two options. Option ACall today a wash. Go to the local organic market and buy myself a pumpkin turkey enchilada and carton of pistachio gelato, plop on the couch, and turn off the world. Or Option BChoose to believe that tomorrow will be better. Perhaps, jog a couple of miles to cool down after work, and then retreat to the fireplace with a good book after making myself some warm root vegetable soup…

I choose Option B.


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